Feel the passion of the FCB handball in Barcelona

Meet Víctor Tomàs at the Palau Blaugrana

Tickets for the last game of the ASOBAL LEAGUE

Víctor Tomàs, FCB handball’s captain, invites you to the last game of the ASOBAL league, which will take place in Barcelona on May 27. You will see Tomàs and his team in action at the Palau Blaugrana

Meet Víctor Tomàs

After the game, Víctor Tomàs will be waiting for you to spend some time together. You’ll comment the best plays and also take some pictures together to remember the day you met your idol for the rest of your life. 

Together we’ll build a better world!

With your entry, in addition to having the chance of becoming the winner of this experience, you will also be supporting the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona and their fight to offer a quality healthcare to children from families without resources. 

With the support of FC Barcelona Foundation


5 次抽奖机会
Specially designed for this campaign and signed by Víctor Tomàs.
10 次抽奖机会
Exclusive digital poster
Víctor Tomàs dedicates and signs this poster, plus the previous perk.
30 次抽奖机会
Thank-you video
Víctor Tomàs shows you his gratitude with a very special video, plus the previous perks.
85 次抽奖机会
Your name on Facebook
Your name will appear on the cover photo of the official Víctor Tomàs Facebook page, plus all the previous perks.
210 次抽奖机会
Handwritten dedicatory letter
Víctor Tomàs writes and signs a letter to thank you for your contribution, plus all the previous perks.
3 尚馀!
260 次抽奖机会
Signed ball
Víctor Tomàs signs you the ball of this season and records it on video, plus all the previous digital perks.
3 尚馀!
525 次抽奖机会
Dedicated goal + 2 passes
Víctor Tomàs invites you and a friend to see a game of the 2017-2018 season and dedicates a goal to you. In addition, you also get all the previous digital perks.
1 尚馀!
1825 次抽奖机会
Signed armband + 2 VIP passes
Captain’s armband used and signed by Tomàs + 2 VIP passes for one game of the 2017-2018 season. In addition, you also get all the previous digital perks.
1 尚馀!
4000 次抽奖机会
Signed ‘100 victories’ T-shirt
Signed and dedicated by Víctor Tomàs! + 2 passes for a game of the 2017-2018 season in which Tomàs will give you the T-shirt. In addition, you also get all the previous digital perks.
  • Minimum 18 years old for participation.
  • Once the data for booking airline/train tickets and accommodation is provided, it cannot be modified.
  • The random drawing will be carried out on May 22 by an independent third party, the winner will be informed the same day by e-mail and also published in our social networks.
  • The perks will be shipped at the end of the campaign, within 4-8 weeks after the closing date and may be sent in different packages.
  • The shipping costs will be charged at the time of shipment and to the same payment method used for the purchase of the perk. The maximum amount per shipment will be 15€.
  • The winner and their companion will have to pass a security check before meeting Víctor Tomàs.
  • To enter the sweepstake without making a donation, send the information mentioned here by certified mail. The letter has to arrive before the closing date of the campaign.

Feel the passion of the FCB handball in Barcelona